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Art Stass, Inc. is a full service domestic glass company that provides the highest standard of glass products and manufacturing in the Chicagoland Area. Since 2002, we have manufactured and installed thousands of custom shower enclosures, mirrors, railings and other glass products for large commercial enterprises while also putting the finishing bathroom touches for individual homes. By being the standard for excellence in service and craftsmanship in the glass industry, Art Stass, Inc. always brings the uppermost quality of work to each project.


Glass shower enclosures:


Art Stass, Inc. designs, manufactures and installs shower enclosures based on your bathroom layout. Our uniquely designed glass shower enclosures are the ideal solution for a modern and functional bathroom. Overall configuration and style vary based on client’s individual preferences. As per our client’s needs, Art Stass’ artists will draft custom shower enclosures measurements, with individuality always in mind. In addition to different color choices, we offer custom sand-blasted designs on your glass surface. Our specialists will help you to find the most suitable draft for your next project.


Our Services: 

Advantages of custom made Glass Shower Enclosures:

  • Our shower enclosures are designed to be versatile and made to accommodate the layout of different rooms
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Shape of walls and doors may be free-form in style
  • Easy and fast installation - no dirt or dust!
  • Quality, safety, reliability - guaranteed
  • Short-term manufacturing


Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation and let us provide a solution that fits your budget and schedule.


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